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Michael Page Africa & Maghreb

The recruitment specialist for Africa

Michael Page Africa & Maghreb is the department of Michael Page International specifically dedicated to the recruitment of managers and senior executives on the African continent.

Backed up with over 30 years worldwide recruitment experience (118 offices in 18 countries), the international consulting team of Michael Page Africa & Maghreb operates for expatriation, detachment, local hiring and interim management.

To identify and secure the future managers and senior executives willing and able to work in Africa and those wishing to continue their career on the Continent, our consultants are working with the unique potential offered by the group's worldwide database, rich with more than 1.8 million qualified candidates.

The double expertise of the professions and the market places

Made up of former professionals having either personal or professional experience of Africa, Michael Page Africa & Maghreb team adds to it specialization by profession and industry, which is at the origin of the group?s identity. As a consequence, our consultants are better able to master and overcome the constraints and the requirements specific to each African country for which they recruit.

An approach adapted to and within the context of conducting business in Africa

The specialization of the consultants and the knowledge of the markets in which they operate thus make it possible to offer our customers a unique value added service for:

  • the definition of the job specifications and the profiles according to the possibilities and limits of the local and international labour market,
  • the targeting and selection of the best candidates in respect of controlled time scales,
  • the management of the negotiation/contract phase for which the expertise of the local constraints and expatriation issues is essential. Managing directly the assignment process with clients and candidates for each stage of the mission, our consultants play an essential counselling role to both parties and are committed to final success.

A specific methodology according to each assignment

Depending on the specific nature of the assignment and according to the objectives of our clients, we use some or all part of the following methods: direct search, file search, and advertised selection (press and internet).

Our recent references in Africa include International and African companies in the following industries and countries:

  • Business services / Consulting (Algeria, South Africa)
  • Cement / Construction products (Guinea, Ivory Coast)
  • Construction / Civil Engineering (Morocco, South Africa)
  • Financial Services (Morocco, South Africa)
  • FMCG / Agriculture / Fishing (Ivory Coast, Cameroon, South Africa, Sudan)
  • Healthcare / Pharmaceutical (Morocco)
  • Hotel management / Tourism (Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt)
  • Logistics / Transport (Senegal, South Africa, Madagascar, Cameroon, Ivory Coast)
  • Oil/Energy / Mining (Gabon, Algeria, Nigeria, Angola)
  • Telecommunications (Madagascar, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Malawi, Zambia, Uganda, Chad)
  • Textile (Morocco, Tunisia)
  • Trading / Retail (Congo Brazzaville, Gabon)
  • Timber / Furniture (Tunisia)

Contact :

Paul Mercier - Executive Director
59, avenue Achille Peretti - 92522 Neuilly-sur-Seine cedex
Tél. : 01 41 92 72 72 - Fax : 01 55 24 99 50
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